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The City of Cabimas

Let us new review a few interesting facts abaout the City of Cabimas.

Not  Founded in 1758

This city was not founded on December 22th, 1758.
At the beginning of the 19th Century Cabimas  was only a village with a little over inhabitans. One hundred tear later, the population had increase to aproximately 270.000. Incidentally, this was about the time that  oil companies were and only stay one. They said "Cabimas the city refured to die".

Cabimas has grown so rapidly that it is now competing for sixth place among the cities of the nation in regard to population.

Great Agricultural and Comercial Center:

Originally and agricultural region, Cabimas can now boat of being on of the richest comercial center in Venezuela. The petroleum industry occupies a prominent place.

A Growing Community:

New constructions are began every day. Cabimas has public school, colleges and universities, private schools.  In addition, the public has acces 1school of visual arts Pedro Oporto, one museums Fundacultura. In Cabimas are also found more 6 radio broadcasting stations  and 1 television station.

In the center facing we can see the Church of Cabimas in front south side of the Plaza Bicentenaria de Bolivar.  We can enter Independencia street, the first street built and the side of the city oldest house. A short distance from the Cabimas Civic Center, among other tall  building, is the magnificient City Hall, a structure high, the seat of the goverment of this great municipality and a few steps away is the downtown area, the heart of Cabimas, business, banking and comercial.

Author: Sotero Pino Roque
             The Digital Chronicler Cabimas and The Eastern Shore of Lake

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